- Ronnie Dio's Early Years

The Elves

She's Not The Same Nov '69
Walking In Different Circles Nov '69
Amber Velvet Feb '70
West Virginia Feb '70

Lyrics from The Elves

The Elves - Live At The Beacon
Recorded live at The Beacon 1971

The Scramblers
Aqualung (Jethro Tull)
36 Year Old Lady
Mountain Venus
Simple Sister (Procol Harum)
The Rape Of Andre Lucia

Lyrics from Live at the Beacon

My Thoughts

The Elves have really grown on me. I had always thought it was subpar compared to the earlier Ronnie and the Prophets. I'm still not sure if it's as good, but it is definitely some quality music, and a clear transition from the Prophets to what would soon become Elf.

"Amber Velvet" and "West Virginia" are the best two. Ronnie, as usual, sings well on these. "Walking In Different Cirlces," a slightly different version from the Ronnie and the Prophets days, is a fine song as well. All in all, these singles are worth tracking down, but the truly exciting stuff will come next when Elf forms and releases their first album.

NEW - Here is a little information on the recently discovered Live At the Beacon:

30 years ago Kathy Watt walked into THE BEACON, a smoke filled club in upstate NY. On that evening she took along her brother's reel to reel recorder and we have sonic history. It was also 30 years ago or so that I was fortunate to have been introduced to one of the best bands to ever be on a stage. Although I was able to meet and hear such great bands as rainbow and Black Sabbath thanks to a very cool person, RJD, the Elves will always be a special part of my life. I mastered these songs with the original event in mind. Thank you Deena Scott for finding this. GOD rest your soul Hammer man Gary Driscoll.