Ronnie James Dio

July 10, 1942 - May 16th, 2010

67 years just wasn't enough.

Welcome to, formerly the Dio-The Early Years website.

Welcome to the website that tributes the early career of Ronnie James Dio. Among the pages here, you'll find the [never complete] history of Ronnie's career up to, and including, Elf, a page full of as many mp3 downloads as I can find of all this music, various photos I've found and that have been sent to me, lyrics, interviews, and more. I hope you enjoy browsing this website as much as I've enjoyed creating and maintaining it.

Facebook - I decided to create a Facebook page for this website (link to the right). I did this for two purposes. First, it will help me more easily manage images. Second, it will be easier for people to leave comments/questions about this site. For those with Facebook, anyway. You can still contact me through the Contact page (link to the left).

What Is My Connection to Dio, and How Did I Come to Make this Site? I’m often asked about my connection to the early days of Ronnie (am I from the Cortland area, did I ever see the Red Caps in concert, etc.) and how I got everything for this site. So, I decided to post the story here on the site. Enjoy, because it’s riveting stuff.

The Padavona Name - When I settled on for the name of this site, I wanted to be sure of the spelling. Out came the Elf CD, and sure enough, the insert spelled it p-a-d-a-v-o-n-a. Then I glanced at the print on the actual disk: p-a-d-o-v-o-n-a. What?? So I went to Google. Sure enough, about half the references used pada... and the other half pado. I even saw Padovana. I decided, based on certain sources, that Padavona was the correct spelling. Mainly because I found what I am almost certain is his son online, and that's how it was spelled. So there you have it. The one-day controversy.


Other places to visit
  • CNY Music Archives - Mike Donohue offered to let me grab some old photos he had on his CNY Music Archives Facebook page, but I'd rather just send you straight there. This link will hopefully take you straight to the images.
  • History of Syracuse Music by Ron Wray - Check out this blog for some great information. You'll have to search for the stuff directly related to Ronnie and his bands, but my understanding is that Ron Wray knew most/all the members of The Elves/Elf well.

Photos - All photos have been moved over to my new Facebook page. Clicking on the Photos link to the left will take you to the albums.