I'm going a different way with the links page. If you want a link posted, let me know. I'll link to websites related to either Ronnie James Dio or other members of the bands mentioned here on this website. This would rule out sites dedicated to other people who played with Ronnie later in his career. Why not list those? Well, for one, they have nothing to do with this site. For another, I'd like to keep this list a resonable size. So send me you links if you'd like me to post it.

Ronnie James Dio - Official Site
El Templo del Rey (Spanish Dio site)
Tapio's Dio Pages
Black Sabbath Online
Deep Purple Appreciation Site
The Rainbow Fanclan Legacy
The Temple of the King
Metal 80
Dio Message Board

A quick favor, if you don't mind. I hate finding dead links, so if any of the above links turn up dead, please send me a quick email and let me know. Thanks!